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With over 30 Years Experience in all Hardwood Floor Sanding Restoration and Wood Finishing Techniques

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Parquet Floor Sanding in Dorchester

At Acorn Floor sanding we  strongly believe in our goal, to help you enhance the natural beauty of  your wooden floor.

Our many years of technical experience and extensive innovation we have produced a range of products and services with uncompromising quality that preserve and protects wood's uniquely, beautiful appearance


A Beautiful home with beautiful floors and ambience is a dream come True!

We aim to make fulfillment of your floor restoration requirements a straightforward

and enjoyable experience, from your first call, to completion of your restoration project



If you are lucky enough to find a Parquet Floor or any Wood Floor underneath your carpet then you might consider contacting a Specialist Company such as Acorn

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Making the most of your Wood Floor


A wood floor will become more attractive with the passage of time.

It is a natural product that is exceptionally durable but of course still needs the right surface treatment and protection if it is to age as beautifully as possible.


We always use high quality lacquers and oils to ensure that every kind of wood floor looks superb, with a deep lustre that highlights the natural grain

So Lift up your carpets and see if theres a parquet floor underneath waiting to be sanded.

Other reasons to sand and seal your floors, include cleanliness, reducing allergies and helping to relieve the symptoms by reducing the number of dust mites.

Wooden floors can be a problem solver for some of these conditions as they are easier to keep clean.


With the water based Lacquer finish - No more  stress caused by stains from spilt food or drink on your floor, when you can easily wipe the surface clean again with a damp cloth. 


Do you want Beautiful Wooden Floors ? then Contact  Acorn at  Floor Sanding Dorchester so we can Restore the natural Beauty back into your Parquet Floors. 


Call the Acorn team on 075227 48007

and we can then provide you with the information and assistance you require.

Parquet Flooring  -   Sanded and Lacquered or Stained produces -  Beautiful Wooden Floors

Parquet floors brought back to their former glory by using the eight head Octi-Disc Werkmaster, which can sand in any direction and not leaving any sanding marks in the floor.


Producing a premium flat, smooth finish which will transform even the oldest and most worn of floors into something truly impressive.



Dustless Floor Sanding at its best

Due to the nature of parquet floors, the grain of the wood does not run the same and overlays can be thin, therefore by using the  Octi-Disc Sander, which sands in any direction.


The Werkmaster has been specially designed for Parquet floors providing your floor with the restoration it deserves!

The Werkmaster - the perfect Machine for Parquet Floors


Having your Wooden floors sanded can make a huge difference to your living spaces,

whether you are looking to make a small hallway look larger or you just want  your living room to stand out.


Acorn finishes all surfaces to a very high standard to reflect more light, making the room feel light, spacious and airy.

Bringing out the warmth and rich character of the wood.

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Sanding and lacquering oak parquet floor.

 “They worked hard, with no breaks, and achieved an excellent finish.”


@ Verified By Email– Customer in Swanage ( 1 ) 26 August 2016

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Whether you need your wooden flooring repaired, restored or just sanded, all of our flooring work is completed to a very high standard. We will treat your wood with a water based lacquer, oils or stains to preserve your wooden flooring, to look beautiful in your home.

Floor restored

“Excellent service, top quality work.”

– Customer in Warminster ( 1 ) 10 June 2016

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