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With over 30 Years Experience in all Hardwood Floor Sanding Restoration and Wood Finishing Techniques

Floor Sanding and Wood Finishing Specialists Dorchester

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With an explicit knowledge and experience in sanding of all hardwood floors and refinishing together with  significant investments in technologies ,also by using the highest quality materials.


Only then can we identify ourselves with professional floor sanding that allows Acorn to offer informative advice to our customers, helping them achieve the best possible finish on their Wooden floors.


With Acorn Floor Sanding you can be certain, that every floor is completed with the greatest care and attention, using specialist repair and finishing techniques, that have been well and truly mastered to perfection over the years.


Acorn the Specialists in Wood Floor Renovation

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Call in the Professionals to Sand and Finish your Floor

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So when your floor needs some TLC to bring it back to it's former glory,

turn it over to the restoration experts at Acorn Floor Sanding for  

Professional Results every time.


Simply fill in the online Contact Form or Call the Acorn Team on 07522 748007

and we can then provide you the information and assistance you require.

Dorchester Professional Floor Sanding Acorn Dorchester Floor Sanding Werkmaster  only machine that sands right up to edge Dorchester Dustfree Floor Sanding Werkmaster in Action

Acorn started life in Wood Finishing where the quality had to be second to none!


Knowledge of the products such as lacquers, stain, oils waxes was paramount in understanding how certain products would react on certain types of wood.


This was one of the key features to the Company's sucess, especially working on projects with Compaines such as Sunseeker and on the King of Belguim's Boat. The wood finish and quality on the inside of boats had to be of an exceptionally high standard.  


As the company expanded into Floor Sanding after gaining lots of experience over the years in Wood Finishing.  Therefore it was only natural that we had to find the best equipment to enhance the high end products we use.


By using the latest technology, a floor sanding machine purchased from Canada, which removes any stall marks, chatter marks and divots, this gives floors a beautiful, smooth, flat finish, enhancing the natural beauty of any wooden floor.


We also use a super efficient Dust Containment System, which attaches to any sanding machine. This is the very latest technology which enables us to have  a Dust Free environment so Miminal disruption in your home and No Mess!



Acorn are the Floor Sanding experts, a team of industry leading professionals majoring in the renovation of all types of wood flooring; bringing together over 30 years of experience to deliver a High Quality Finish and Service everytime.


We have experience in a wide range of both commercial and domestic projects, including bespoke challenges; experience that enables us to look into each project with unsurpassable knowledgable and insight.

Acorn Specialises in all Wood Floor Sanding,

Parquet Floors, Restoration,  

Wood Floor Refinishing.

Skills expanding far beyond floor restoration

The beauty of wood is that it is natural and maintaining that beauty takes effort.

To get the most from your wooden floor you need help from the experts in the preparation and finishing. Easy Maintenance with a water based lacquered finish. Just sweep or hoover and to clean a very damp mop, no Chemicals needed.

Our professional expertise, extensive experience and dedicated Customer Care blend together, allows us to offer a tailored, flexible and reliable domestic and commercial wood floor renovation.

Sanding, Gap Filling, Buffing, Special Finishes, Repairs and Restoration of Wood floors

From the initial estimate, to the timely completion of your project,

we actively and personally supervise each and every job.

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Before - Hand Scraped Ribbed Oak Floor


After - Sanded and Lacquered - Totally Transformed

Before Hand Scraped Ribbed Oak Floor Bournemouth During-Sanding-Hand-Scraped-Rib-Oak-Floor-Bournemouth After-Hand-Scraped-Ribbed-Oak-Floor-Bournemouth

Peel back your carpet and you are likely to see a dirty wooden floor covered with paint stains or they could be covered in black bitumen, It is obvious at first impression the wooden floor doesn't look appealing. But these wooden floors can be sanded and repaired to bring them back to their former glory.

kitchen-and-fireplace-resized After School floor acorn floor sanding 2014 234 Poole-kitchen-Acorn-Floor-Sanding

Sanding a dark stained rippled oak flooring.

“This floor was dark and tired. This floor looks amazing now. Really pleased with results. Would definitely recommend.”

@ Verified By Email– Customer in Bournemouth ( 1 ) 5 June 2017

Bournemouth-Pier-During-Sanding Floor-sanding-Poole-Acorn Parquet-Matt-Finish-in-New-Milton